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    Czech champions will show you what is possible on slackline. Freestyle performance on a 2inch webbing. Flips, rotations, force acrobatic elements embedded in the original story. In addition to our genuine shows, we are able to rehearse anything that would match with your specific desires. Jumping in two on one line or synchro on two parallel lines is our speciality.

    Trickline shows

    SLACKSHOW Trickline – Comic Tragedy _ (6:30/15min)

    Our most popular show, which begins as the grotesque of two curious boys who discover the charm of the trickline. Then comes a surprising twist, followed by a breathtaking acrobatic shootout of the best that can be seen on the trickline.

    SLACKSHOW Trickline – No pain No gain _ (2:30/15min.)

    A show that involves a small fight of two rivals and their subsequent reconciliation, which culminates in jumping of both jumping on the line at the same time (aka tandem). A very dynamic show full of unique stunts that you will not see anywhere else.

    SLACKSHOW Trickline – Freestyle _ (2-20 min.)

    Sports show full of heavy tricks and massive combos. If interest, also as a commented show and a sample of slackline duel as in the final of Trickline competition.

    SLACKSHOW Trickline – Bespoke

    Do you have any specific requirements? Let us know and we can definitely do something about it.