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    The royal discipline, a mastery of the slackline art, balancing over the abyss. Highline world record holder - 1020m, Danny Menšík, will denie physical laws right above you. Danny, Lukas and Michael can make show that will make you feel dizzy! We do not have a problem crossing over your heads, ten or even hundred meters above your heads. Original performance accompanied by a right music and costumes that will bring an unforgettable experience to all viewers.

    SLACKSHOW Highline – Original (3-20min.)

    Performances where people look up to the heavens and can’t believe their eyes when looking at a person walking gently on a thin strap over their heads. Elegant, exciting show where the concept of balance gets a new dimension.

    SLACKSHOW Highline – Tricky (2-8min.)

    The combination of trickline and highline is a guarantee of spectacular and extremely demanding show. Walking, jumping, flips and stuff you didn’t know that are possible.