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    We are a young trio of athletes who are passionate about bringing something new into the world of art and entertainment. We have created SLACKSHOW, an unique project focused at professional slackline performances.

    Michal Pírek

    • Three times trickline champion of the Czech Republic
    • 1st place at Freestyle Academy contest, Stuttgart
    • 1st place at French Riviera Cup, Nice
    • 170m longline
    • 100m watterline
    • 105m highline

    Lukáš Černý

    • Two times trickline champion of the Czech Republic
    • 2nd place at French Riviera Trickline Cup, Nice
    • 200m longline
    • 100m watterline
    • 120m highline

    Danny Menšík

    • Double Highline World Record holder
    • The longest highline of Asia: 1260m, Yuntaishan, China
    • 1st repetition of the longest highline of America: 495m Castleton, Utah
    • Judge of RedBull Airlines, Catania 2016
    • 1st highline of Iceland – Czech highline expedition 2014
    • 8th place on RedBull Airlines, Naples 2013